Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seaglass Studio

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a real pro set up some great lighting and use real pro equipment to photograph some seaglass. I used my new camera to take some of my own shots but alas, it is still only a point & shoot! I did get a few good good ones though....and really, a point & shoot is all I wanted so that I could literally pull it out of my pocket on all my beach walks!

Water droplets, antique punch bowl cup and that wonderful light from below all give my seaglass a little extra impact.

Mostly blues and lavenders although my photo makes them look pink. (Wouldn't that be nice?) This is where the better equipment and better editing by a pro really make a huge difference.

My little bit of fun included making "flowers" of my first drilled seaglass pieces since I did not have the silver chains ordered yet! I wish I had sprinkled these with water too!

We did a few variations of "necklace display" using an awesome piece of driftwood, an antique frosty milk bottle and more but these were the only ones I can even think of showing here!  I am looking for more display bottles in my collections and I am hoping to have many more finished necklaces for the next studio session. I know the seaglass flowers are a little cutesy but I want to shoot more of them now.
(plus a few seaglass hearts?) I am excited!

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