Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Shell Collections

This week, thanks to a friend, I have found a new shell that I am completely enamoured with! It is the common Jingle Shell -  but a color that has been missed in my collections. It is the less obvious. It is not the orange or yellow or even the white Jingle Shell. It is the black variation...pearlescent, with earth tones of subtle grays, blacks and golds! So beautiful!

 The Jingle Shell is a great way to add color to a shelf shell collection. I once collected as many orange and yellow Jingle Shells as I could, separated them by color and bought 2 nice apothecary type jars to showcase them. A great gift for the seaside inspired homeowner!

A Little History....Jingle Shells:
So named because a handful of these thin, translucent clamshell halves make a jingling sound when shaken together, Jingle Shells (Anomia simplex) are sometimes found as far north as the coast of Nova Scotia, and all the way down south to Brazil. The bivalve (or pelecypod) halves are sometimes strung together to make wind-chime-like curtains for beach cottage windows or portières to hang in doorways.

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