Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Thank My Lucky Stars

This weekend, being the Fourth of July Weekend, images of red-white & blue were on my mind. Stars and Stripes and Celebrations too. I opened my pantry to find an idea staring me in the face.

Once in a very long while, Trader Joe's (my humble place of employment) brings in just too much of one product during the holidays. These cookie workshops were marked down to 1 penny! I bought two and tucked them away. Voila! An instant idea, a sudden impulse.  Instead of Christmas cookies....we decided to make Fourth of July cookies!

 The recipe called for butter and eggs. I ran out to the corner store and paid their always inflated price for anything and everything because they can....$5.50 for 4 sticks of butter? I think that may be a bit much.

Now mind you, the mixer we used to cream the butter & sugar was none other than my GE trusty mixer given to me at a wedding shower approximately 32 years ago! Move over you big fancy KitchenAid owners!

Admittedly, my daughter that joined me in this Fourth of July adventure and I aren't the bakers in the family. That daughter was working (I won't identify which one is which though). We persevered (and asked ourselves why are doing this?) kneaded the dough, got out the big cutting board, flour and made a huge mess in the meantime!

The star shaped cookie cutter was used and the snowman and the Christmas tree were saved for another time.

Frosting versus plain sugar sprinkles? All we know is that simple is usually better.  We also know we won't have the impulse to bake again soon.  In the end, I thank my lucky stars to have such wonderful daughters that humor me when I decide to "create" outside of my comfort zone.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend to all!

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