Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hydrangea Hot Weather

The word hydrangea means water loving...and they sure do. I have been watering quite a bit. In season and flourishing in my yard I decided to skip the seaglass/shells (but I still collected some!) and think a bit about these awesome shrubs.

Photos taken over the course of a few weeks show the progression...and I waited anxiously for their color to bring life to my yard.

I believe I have about 5-6 different hydrangea in my yard. Two, Pink Diamond and another Peegee (Paniculata) are late bloomers. Endless Summer, Nikko Blue and other hydrangeas that I never got the official names for are vibrant right now! The Lace Cap is a neighbor's but I hope to plant one someday as well.

The best thing about hydrangeas is the continuous option for indoor bouquets! 

Some of these hydrangeas are even more beautiful in the fall as they turn from blue to green and dark purple. I will definitely add some photos in a summer wrap up posting!

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