Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saint Sally

I try to keep my blog dialogue and postings related to nature, crafts, decorating and of course seaglass. I have wandered off course a few times but now I must share something completely askew. It is human nature (so is this still related to nature?) to either laugh or cry at life's misfortunes. Is it dog nature to act out when bored, lonely, scared and hungry? I believe we have the evidence here that YES, it is dog nature to do just that.

This is sweet, loving, adorable Sally that came to live with us on Easter weekend. (see old posts). She has been a saint sent to us for many reasons. She has also been a handful, a little "sassy" as we call it at times. We love her as she loves us.

But today, she was not saint-like at all! She had been gnawing a bit at the baseboard but I figured I would replace it when she left puppyhood behind her. I know Mike, our best contractor must have some of the same baseboard, somewhere????? Please? 

NOW? WOW. Sally, Miss Sheetrock has given her nickname "sassy" a new meaning. We know she was left a little too long, met a neighbor who let her out to do her business that may have freaked her out, ( Megan we love you !!! and thank you !! ) and Sally was too long waiting for lunch. Dog Nature 101.


  1. Dog nature. Have had my share of that.
    But it's always the eyes and tongues that excuse their demolition abilities.

  2. Yikes.. I remember when I was a kid, our German Shepherd chewed his way out of the mud room.. Chewed right through the wall!!