Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Summer Daze

Staying for a few days at Fairfield Beach....and wow, is it hot. But come evening, the breeeeeeze is magnificent! The mornings are cool enough, meant for walking and enjoying the peace and quiet.

I wake at sunrise. Barefoot when I just want to meander the shore and search for shells, sneakers when I want to do some distance...but always with my camera! I have to show you the typical, everyone takes them, shots of sunrise over the water just in case you haven't had the opportunity to witness one recently. Please bear with me.

Once the sun is up but low in the sky the colors of nature just POP. 

These old pilings and seaweed covered rocks draw me back every year. The green is so vivid in this light and the structures seem almost "Stone Hedge"like. The way the water has carved the wood over so many years is very graphic, very layered and just intriguing!

Anything can present itself as a design. Wind fences are great subjects and there are plenty of opportunities at this beach. I am in love with this second shot. The patterns and composition are almost I will be back there hopefully tomorrow morning to take more shots and get it perfect.

As long as I am not too crabby sleeping in the heat!
Stay cool...

1 comment:

  1. just stunning and truly evocative, Carol.

    thank you for recording what i can only see.