Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Tale of Two Beaches

These are my two beaches! I live out at one, Lordship and visit the other, Fairfield. I can almost see from shore to shore on a clear day with binoculars. Everything I write and everywhere I walk concerning beaches.....this is it.

 Lordship Light from Russian Beach on an overcast day.

Lordship Light up front and personal. A truly traditional light...
Lordship is a very unique place to live. There is even a song about it!!!  I will try to get the words to it soon from a born and raised Lordshipian. A wonderful neighborhood to bring up children, enjoy walking, running, biking and more! Check out the website...

This is Fairfield Beach, looking towards Lordship and then looking towards Penfield Reef. Fantastic sandbars, jettes and the best sand you can find. Less seaglass though!!!

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