Monday, June 6, 2011

Driftwood Project Complete!

The Driftwood Project has been completed. I have a knack for leaving things only partially finished so this time I made a real effort to bring the project home....quite possibly because of this blog!

 I walked my "other beach" this weekend to find the missing piece-the base. Found quite a few so now I am all set for the next tree I build. Next, where do I put this tree? Front steps? No.

In the front garden? I am not sure it would weather the weather..even though the pieces have all seen quite a bit of wind, water and sun already.

Dining room as a centerpiece? Cool juxtaposition of rustic and elegance with the crystal chandelier! For the summer, this spot will be home for the Driftwood Project Tree, then possibly put away in the Fall and brought back out for Christmas Holiday decor. Time to make a few more smaller versions now to keep it company.

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