Monday, June 13, 2011

My Next Shell

I have decided which shell to pursue this summer....mostly during my Fairfield Beach walks. You really have to pick something and stick to it. If not, there are just too many things to collect on beach walks!
An interesting shell, named Pandora gouldiana is my choice. It is small, iridescent when worn and quite beautiful. I have a small collection started already!

The opalescence of this shell seems fitting for me because I love pearls!

 This small collection seems right living in a shiny silver candy dish as you enter my home. Old silver is so hard to maintain so a few pieces in a prominent spot really make a statement.

Reflections and shimmer.

 The entry vestibule is a combination of old and new, natural and refined and lots of color! Hopefully I can fill these silver dishes with more Pandora pretties!

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