Thursday, July 5, 2012

Terrain @ Westport

How fun is it to work in a garden? Indoors & out, gardens give back. The more you love them, the more pleasure you receive in return. If you also love great design (hats off to our superb visual experts!) and love the sound of trickling waterfalls you must visit terrain in Westport, CT. I happen to love my job there and I am in awe of the serene shopping experience that our unique garden "meca" provides....every day.

Terrariums are quite the thing and abound in unique design. Something for everyone or if not, attend a Terrarium Workshop and design your own!

Custom planted containers...

Displays cannot be beat.  Bringing the indoors out and the outdoors inside, terrain is masterful at the art of relaxing, earthy staging for the home, from modest to the modern and beyond.

The Spa and Design Center offer state of the art products in a cobblestone, rustic garden setting.

Displays constantly change but the vision remains. Add antiquity to the mix and suddenly an old pair of doors becomes a place to hang your hat. A centuries old two story arched window reflects lighting options! 

There are chairs of distinction and much more. Come sit for a while in the terrain cafe or just enjoy walking the inside, then come out into the nursery where you will find me with a paint marker in one hand (see sign below and past posting) and a plant in the other!

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