Monday, June 25, 2012

Seashore Wildflowers

Sunday Seaglass walks continue but when the pickins' are slim I find something else...or it finds me! This past Sunday was a gorgeous day and with summer in full swing now, the shoreline, marsh and roadside were in bloom. Wildflowers in their natural habitat are misjudged and overlooked – quite often thought of as just "weeds". Not the case at all! See what I've found on my walk...

The Sweet Pea is my all time favorite. I transplanted some to my yard at one point but it has disappeared. Hope to do it again if possible!

Butter & Eggs or Yellow Toadflax is a flower I remember from when I was a child and still love it – as long as it is on the roadside and not my garden as I believe it may be invasive!

 Blue Cornflower in the beach grasses.

Wild Yarrow abounds along the marsh shoreline.

Honeysuckle everywhere!

Morning Glories to greet the day....

and Tiger Lilies to bask in the sun.

The flowering Privet has a scent that evokes memories of summers long ago....I truly wish I could manufacture a candle so I could hold onto that scent all year long.

A little white beauty is the Bladder Campion. I had to look this one up and I don't even know the common nickname! 

Coming back into my own yard I am lucky to find the sunlight waking up my little garden. Wildflowers I see while walking can be mixed with weeds and more but that is their life. Here at home I must clip,  pull and dig to bring a bit of order into my "wildflower" cottage garden.

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