Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chalkboard Signs

I always wanted to own a sign shop....funny old job was close to that and now part of my new job is creating hand written signage. Just so happens that chalkboards are becoming popular wedding and other event extras that create a vintage look & give pertinent information in a fashionable way. Hoping to expand this love of lettering via the chalkboard trend – I have one wedding down with another lined up already! Some signs here are quick draw while others I was given time to design. Keep me in mind if you need some cool signage at any event!

These chalkboards are all done on basic black using paint markers. So not exactly chalk but they can resemble the look and can be a solid or more "chalky" depending on personal preferences. These markers are water resistant when dry yet removable so they are a tad more user friendly and won't brush off or disappear should it rain! Some letters are single stroke - meaning a wider marker is used to save time and the words are just written, not "drawn".

Come visit terrain and have some lunch or dinner! 

A few small signs done for special displays were quick, easy and fun!

and finally, I received only one shot of the rush job Memorial Day Weekend wedding signage I was contracted to do. Virtually over night, 3 large chalkboards were produced.

I would have loved to have had time to see the location, add borders and possibly graphics but happy to have helped in this last minute request to make someones day even more special. The next wedding I do will be completely planned, designed to complement the invitations and have much more character! Check out my page of artwork and signage on the sidebar of this blog. There I show a very, very small portion of my Trader Joe's work. These chalkboards as I call them, are done with the same type of markers used in the terrain displays so you can see that color is another option as is the color of the chalkboard itself!


  1. Great work, Carol! I have GOT to get down there one of these days.

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