Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hunting & Gathering

Maybe this should read Gathering & Gardening. This past weekend I was able to enjoy a true Seaglass Sunday along with a Seaglass Saturday as well! The Friday rain was welcome for two reasons. We need rain first and foremost but the rain brought some wind...meaning tides were higher, bringing the gifts from the sea that I so adore possibly into my gathering hands!

With such high hopes for a huge haul of spectacular seaglass it was no wonder I was tricked momentarily by a scrap of blue paper....

Another distraction is my newest genre of collectibles....the "seabrick". Here you see a full size nicely sea worn brick along with a smaller nugget. They have been there on my beach all this time yet I have steadfastly avoided adding them to my pockets. I am admitting now that I in fact, have started a fishbowl collection of these cast off building blocks. Confessions are always difficult.

Distractions while searching for seaglass are not advisable! Stay focused!

And so I almost missed a true gem. A nugget of yellow seaglass! Granted, this may have possibly been made to line the bottom of a flower vase but it is a well worn by the sea piece of yellow glass...and quite the find by my standards!

All praise the yellow nugget. My weekend haul surrounding the prize....geez, what a big head this one little piece of seaglass must have! As tradition, the gathering is laid out on the kitchen counter for all to see. Bits of wampum, my new "seabricks" and one piece of sea pottery along with a nice (but not fantastic) collection of Lordship seaglass. 

Aside from non-edible gatherings, the weekend haul was a success on a different note! 3 different varieties of tomatoes are now ripening. The Cherokee Greens, the Early Girls and the Rambling Yellow Stripes are filling a bowl almost every day. A few more almost ready...stay tuned!

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