Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Driftwood is a wonder of nature. In the abstract is can be just as wonderful. Looking closely at the swirls and eddies of wood grain that mimic the sea, I could not but help envisioning a series of "Ansel Adams like" images.  Deciding on the platform of either black & white or au naturale was a facebook question I posed. The outcome will be apparent by my images! 

Thank you all for your unbiased opinions! I love the fact that choices were made and you were not afraid to share. In the end it was up to me to make my own decision because the votes were just about even! These images will be matted in black with a beveled white edge to enhance the gray tones, then framed but not sure where they will end up!

The original driftwood was an entire tree at times. Not something I could take home!

I am really wishing I added a black border to these now just temporarily to make them pop off the screen!

Coming up with names for each image (which helps me identify the ones I want to post) was a fun little task in itself. Names like gnarly, cavernous, folded tree, holy cow, ax attack and last but not least, dolphin face...my "willing to go out on a limb" facebook experiment piece.

But to appreciate why I choose to try my hand at abstracting you must see the subjects in their world, on the beach where they rest. At the high tide mark they are rolled and pushed and covered in various amounts of sand with every passing tide.

Time for another walk to see how they fared during some recent stormy weather. They could be gone completely, moved or joined by a few friends!

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