Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcoming Some Spring Flowers

This time of year I welcome almost any bit of color in the yard so I want to show off some of the first blooms but I also want to end with a HELP!!!!! If you have my pretty but invasive friend, please send any advise, asap.

Of course the sedums are welcome, even if I find a few extra popping up here and there!

 And the planted pansies with their precious little pixie faces make every day a little brighter!

A neighbor's vinca and my own grape hyacinths welcome us at our front doors....

while the annual "honesty" plant or "silver dollar" plant makes an appearance wherever it has reseeded
 and the lowly dandelion is even welcome right now!

The beautiful blossoms of my brand new Red Bud tree are exquisite.

But the joy of seeing all these wonderful signs of spring is masked by terror resulting from a VERY invasive species laying claim to my back yard.

Meet the Fig Buttercup. I am taking deep breaths as I write. Although I have been battling this baby for a couple of years, I never dreamed it would completely overwhelm a corner of yard. I fought hard and have almost conquered in one garden section while I ignored the incoming tide of destruction in another section! 

It seems every plant you dig up leaves behind abundant tubers and bulblets, each of which can grow into a new plant once separated from the parent plant. YIKES!!!! This means war, and I must start now. If you have any way other than digging, bagging and sifting through the dirt, please let me know. Til then, I will be in the yard doing my best to be the victor.

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