Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fixin' Fences

Today I was awoken by an early morning phone call. Usually not a fun thing to hear! But to my surprise, a backyard fence that we scheduled for next week, was suddenly going in today. Great! When the guys arrived, I remembered one item that I had not cleaned up in old twig & branch gate.

The gate was originally built for neighborhood children to pass through the backyards. It hadn't been used for years and was slightly broken, misunderstood and left to be swallowed up by bittersweet vines. With the new fence going in, my old twig fence was not needed!

I took my dear old fence and laid it down to inspect the condition, could it be saved? I felt a short time in my backyard hospital was all that it needed.

Some old, dead privet hedge branches matched the aged look, and then I took some naturally colored twine to bandage the broken and missing pieces to the body. I know, I am really not a doctor but I felt like I was practicing some medicine today!

While I worked my magic on the twig fence, the backyard was being readied for the new professional cedar fence.

Here you see the now healthy twig & branch fence! I added many bittersweet vines to support the joints and give the fence that aged to perfection look. Sort of like what I need right my age but wish I could move a bit faster, look a bit younger yet keep the graying hair?

Of course, I couldn't resist. Shadows and twig construction just looked like beauties in the buff. Such organic shapes and structures revealed give new meaning to my old fence. No more "old & in the way" for this backyard friend.

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