Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wedding BBQ

Putting on a little party always involves some creativity!!!! I had just the occasion this weekend being the host of a very special wedding "Jack & Jill" (as we older folks call them) for my son and his fiance. Invites went out a while ago....and the paper bag handmade envelope blog entry never happened because I ran out of time and resorted to store bought. :(

The invite was created using some photoshop/illustrator magic and then laminated to be used as coasters if anyone so wished or ever realized the intent! :)

Gifts were wrapped as minimally as possible to stay "green" using rolls of butcher paper (used for art projects all year) and dollar store wrappings, then bound with twine from home depot. One roll goes a very, very long way! My daughter was the creative force behind the button jar decorations. Now I know why I have a button jar other than for nostalgia!

I have a tradition to make a quick but custom paper doll chain for gift tags. I have making these for many years for weddings and baby showers and have actually seen some posted on refrigerators or framed long after the event.

 Congratulations to John & Kate again! We had a fantastic time planning and grilling and wrapping and hanging out! Can't wait until the wedding and I promise to not post photos unless I get permission....because there were a few good ones! :)

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