Sunday, April 8, 2012

EasTER-RARIUM (easter terrarium)

Happy Easter! New beginnings, rebirth and renewal. Whatever you follow, this is the time of the year to rejoice and dig into the earth, plant, clean and start afresh. Planting a little semi-biosphere terrarium seemed quite appropriate for the day! 

It all started with another Habitat for Humanities Re-store find! The glass container was just calling to me. The rest was research, buying supplies and wishing for smaller plants. Where to buy? I didn't really find a good source so one Home Depot plant, one Petco plant and one from my yard. The yard plant is forbidden in many terrarium posts so I am keeping my fingers crossed it does not kill the whole project!

The gravel layer, the phagnum moss layer, the soil layer and then the planting....done by the book and all essential for the "sphere" to thrive. I want to give credit to this site for great step by step instructions and details for terrarium set up and design! For me, the project is a learning experience, a photo opportunity and I end up with a beautiful reminder of the late 70's when I made these in college!

I added a few seaside elements like a moonsnail and beach stones. The dust hasn't settled and the moisture control is TBD. 

The terrarium has found a place for now, bringing the outside to the inside here in my dining room. I think that is exactly the point. Try to bring nature into your office, your home but contained and with a personality!

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