Thursday, May 3, 2012

Growing Rains

Growing pains for my dry April gardens have been replaced with "Growing Rains"! We all knew this weather was desperately needed. The rains have finally arrived and the gardens are beginning to look lush now, ready to burst. Seedlings are opening, the newly planted grass is coming in nicely and forgotten flowers are raising their sleepy heads. Droplets from the thirst quenching rains sparkle even on this cloudy day!

On an early budding Columbine and a large almost "fabric like" Hosta leaf, the droplets are a welcome sight.

My Poppies and Iris that have lived in my garden long before I moved to this home (almost 33 years ago!) are short lived but amazing to watch unfold and do their best to stand tall.

Sparkling like jewels on the Solomon's Seal or hanging as a crystal earring on an Alberta Spruce the garden feels dressed up and ready for a sophisticated affair.

St Francis doesn't mind getting his feet wet or standing for hours holding his bird friend while the trees reflect in his rain filled bird bath! Garden pots filled with rusty beach treasures give an indication of just how much rain has fallen but soon must be emptied...nesting mosquitoes enjoy the water a bit too much!

 Bursting with beauty and looking for the sun now that the rains have done their magic the Camassia spires are still vibrant and clean after their spring shower! 

I hope the rains have made you as happy as my garden is. As for myself, I am starting a new job and am thankful for the feeling of a fresh start after a good Spring rain.

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