Sunday, May 27, 2012

Accidental Shellfish Art

Oysters. Do you ever even look twice at this common shell while walking the beach? In Connecticut where it is our State Shellfish with a very long commercial history we forget how beautiful it can be! Think pearls, think the supposed aphrodisiac qualities and the crushed shell driveways! (wait, those all are connected somehow?) Well, I want to give the oyster shell another clam to fame –
Accidental (but beautiful) Shell Sculpture 

Here we can see the jingle shell, the barnacle all nestled into a mass of oyster shells.

This was my first official beach walk find of the summer and my official summer shell to focus on in 2012!

This was a little beauty....clusters of small oysters on their hosting clam shell.

Garden beds, oyster beds.....they seem to compliment each other. I will bring my new found sculptures home and use them in the gardens where a splash of white is needed. By summer's end the annuals will have grown, pushing the shells aside but they will always have a home somewhere now that I have chosen them!

Happy Memorial Day and unofficial start of Summer, 2012.

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