Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sands from Sandy

Once again, I am writing to journal a hurricane. Last year it was Irene, this time Sandy. Destruction and aftermath all rolled into one this time and done mostly for reason of passing photos to friends & family members that may want to see how our coastline was "Sandyfied". I don't relish the task and I know many people were more adversely affected. We were actually fortunate comparatively. 
So here goes....

This was Monday morning at Long Beach, Stratford. Tattered flag still flying proudly.

Stormy seawall but not too bad!

Just starting.....

Hangin' in there.....

We did go inside and safely slept. Upon waking we found our Lordship aftermath wasn't too bad.
Not quite the case other places.

Water levels on the next photos are easily recognized by the "scum line" on buildings etc. This one is in Milford where my daughter lives (or did until displaced). The water was dirty, possibly with sewage from the flooded sound, sometimes oil from oil burning heating units, backwash from streets. The next are from the Fairfield family cottages.

Remember the wall? It may have helped after all these years of being buried!

Outwardly, we look pretty good but go inside....

Surfcoot (for all that know her) had a good amount of water flowing through.

Old Squaw, the matriarch of our cottages fared quite well but the her undersides are drenched and insulation torn apart. Don't know if any structural damage occured. Hopefully will know soon!

Wild Dog (Duck?) was 2-3 feet under water. We were not able to get inside. Always my favorite cottage because of old memories. In fact I remember weathering a storm there when I was very young and watching my dad try to secure the screens, etc. 

Is this sand or snow? Looks like drifts after a blizzard. Our driveway may have a few years worth of sandbars covering it.

And then there was the Owl. Never thought the surge would go this high. Notice the "scum line" on the house. Our dear old concrete bench was found in the middle of Beach Road and someone dragged it over to the parking lot. Thank you to whomever helped save an icon of beach front living along here. Family, traditions, history. I didn't realize how sad I was until I sat down and tried to show my findings. The cottages – Old Squaw, Surf Coot, Wild Dog, Owl have been in the family since ? Please help me with a date my cousins. My youth, my children's youth and many, many family members will all agree our precious place is just that. Precious, not pretentious whatsoever.

I hope the sun will shine and make things right for those in much more need....again, we are lucky here. Mother Nature is quite a force to reckon with.

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