Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Farewell to Ferns

Looking back at my springtime photos I realize how nice my garden looked! Lush, full of foxgloves in bloom and everything just so darn healthy. Enter summer heat, summer drought, summer rain and FERNS and there it went. The impatiens were blighted, the one new plant I planted mysteriously died and the sneaky fiddleheads were growing undetected. I ended up with a cash crop of beautiful lacy ferns that I don't remember being so prolific...and they were well on their way to overthrow the entire garden. Death by strangulation?

Hostas, what hostas?

And so my quest began. Clump after clump, I dug the roots (and boy do they have roots!) and just threw them out towards the yard. Notice here there is no visible's hiding at this point behind the spruce.

This is a close up of the network of fern frond roots....unmistakable and unending.

Five bags? No way, there were probably at least ten in the end. At least I gave Shop Rite some good, almost free advertising when I put them out for pick up!

Not knowing exactly what fern I was digging I tried to identify it. There is always a chance to learn so I googled and matched images. I believe my fern friend is the Northern Lady Fern. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!

In the meantime, a frost hit our area and it was actually a good thing. It allowed me to pull out the frost bitten annuals and see the spaces I was left with. Dividing and transplanting a few hostas, moving one plant and purchasing a couple more leaves me exhausted & almost finished for the season. Now notice the birdhouse has moved it's address to the right of the spruce! That was quite the feat... basically an old telephone pole sunk 18 inches was hugged and with knees bent, I hoisted away.

So it is farewell for now to the ferns. I am sure the remaining ones will slowly spread again if anyone needs a few! With respect for their gracefulness, I clipped a few and put them into an arrangement. They are always perfect for pressing or sunprinting as well....and possibly for eating the fiddleheads?

Til the spring. Happy gardening this fall to all my green thumbed family & friends!

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