Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cruisin with my Camera

Lordship is waking up! The air is warming and our little hamlet (as I call it) is all abuzz. Walkers, runners, cyclists and in-line skaters are beginning to multiply. Because the flat seaside hugging roads are perfect for all these activities, many old fashioned type bicycle riders enjoy the social, slow, foot brake only models called "Cruisers".

I brought out our newest Cruiser, a Tommy Bahama owned by my lovely daughter for the inaugural ride of the year. This one didn't need its tires pumped so sadly, I left my old favorite in the garage until I had time to do some work on it. Of course, the camera came with me and there was a usual.

I have been eyeing these old wooden beach boardwalks for some time. Something about them intrigues me. So graphic, simple and naturally worn by time and weather.

I guess I am an Ansel Adams wanna be! But at the same time, my new venture into jewelry is forefront in my mind right now. So, back to the house to retrieve my newly made seaglass earrings! Ideas starting to take hold.

The idea was to incorporate the earrings into this post about the beach boardwalk. Sometimes though, ideas fail. Nothing popped other than the weathered wood. Hmmmm. Moving right along to the next idea!

Wind fence, rust and shiny sterling silver & seaglass earrings...what a perfect  combination! I think I have found my spot for many more earring and necklace "beauty shots". I feel like this is my laundry line...where I set them out to catch some rays and dry off.

From to their beginnings at the beach, and now re-purposed as a tribute to nature, I think my seaglass pieces have completed the circle of life!

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