Monday, February 11, 2013

Making the Best of the Blizzard

All inconveniences aside, the storm dubbed Nemo was quite the blizzard with a blizzard of awesome images on facebook, the news and every place you looked. I couldn't help but try my own hand in capturing the wrath, the beauty and the power of Mother Nature.

It started out strong. By about 8:30 am on Friday, February 8th there was already a good covering. A very dark and stormy sky warned of what was to follow.

Drifting began early we watched, we shoveled what we could and we waited.

Night fall brought questions as to just how much are we talking now? The real storm had yet to begin as far as weather forecasts were concerned.

It's 5 am on this Saturday and the regular plow isn't rushing in....we woke to find a winter wonderland that was wayyyy beyond all expectations! Nurse Claire was ready early for the shift she was scheduled and we all got to shoveling in high hopes a plow just might be on the way. This drift hides (very nicely I might add) my car!

Winter Willie was having a blast while we wiggled our way down the street to see if any cross roads had been plowed. Claire stayed dressed in scrubs for quite some time still oping to get into work. No such luck. We were just snowbound all day Saturday.

Drifted snow made some unique shapes while our little Cedar Chalet hung on for dear life. I was very surprised this little structure in our backyard survived the storm!

While the sun was shining on Sunday I ventured out and my destination was as always, the beach. Soft drifts with magnificent markings, water reflecting the blue sky and gentle waves lapping the shore were all breathtaking (and so was the thigh high snow that I trudged through). I think between shoveling and walking I can truly say I experienced the storm to the best of my physical ability! Now it is time to let it melt.

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